SPDi Spark

SPDi Ignition Coil

The SPDi Ignition Coil Features:

  • Correct characteristics to work with SPDi Spark.
  • Work with SPDi Spark Engine Adapters.
  • These Ignition Coils are equivalent to Denso Part Number: 129700-4770.

This ignition coil has been specifically designed by SPDi Spark to closely match the characteristics of the SPDi Ignition module and enhance the spark shaping capabilities.  This coil supports spark gap voltages of 40kV.


Ignition Coil

Part Number: 921001

General Specifications


Denso Coil Part Number

129700-4770 J0477

Honda Coil Part Number



These ignition coils have low primary resitance. These coils are designed to work with SPDi Spark ignition systems but should not be used with other ignition systems or stock engines.


  • Ignition Coil(s)

Not Included:

  • SPDi Ignition Module
  • Ignition Coil Adapters
  • Ignition Coil Extensions

Technical Drawings:

SPDi Ignition Coils


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