SPDi Spark

2 Stroke (1 - 4 Cyl.) Starter Kit

The SPDi Spark Ignition Module Features:

  • 4 Separate Ignition Channels.
  • Long Duration Plasma Sparks to 15,000 rpm.
  • Programmable Spark Power and Spark Duration.
  • Produce Different Sparks for Cranking, Idle, Cruise, and Acceleration.
  • Crisp Throttle Response, Improved Engine Efficiency, Lower Fuel Consumption, and Lower Emissions.

SPDi’s small engine kit is designed for small 2 stroke engines used in karts, skidoos, ATVs, motorcycles etc. This kit is ideal for budget minded enthusiasts who are willing to provide the supplies to build their own wiring harness, mounting brackets and coils. The 2 Stroke (1 to 4 cylinders) Starter Engine Kit can be adapted to work with all 2 Stroke (1 to 4 cylinders) powersport applications.

SPDi Spark produces a long duration plasma spark that supports combustion with ionization. The spark duration is programmable; you can create a short high energy spark or long duration plasma to support the entire burning process. The increased burn duration and plasma ionization help extract all of the energy from the fuel.


ECU Interface

The SPDi ignition module is designed to work with an ECU.  We are currently working on a distributor based system that will be available in 2013.



The SPDi module is micro controller based with user programmable memory.  The flexibility of the hardware allows it to be continuously upgraded with new features.



SPDi is a user programmable ignition system. SPDi can be programmed to provide variable spark energy at different engine operating conditions. The SPDi Manager software allows the user to upgrade the firmware and change spark profiles. 

SPDi Technical Specifications

Part Number: 910001


SPDi Spark Ignition Module


Spark Type






Programmable Spark


SPDi offers programmable spark duration and power profile based on load and rpm


15,000 rpm


Rev Limiter


SPDi has an optional rev limiter

Sparks (per trigger event)

60 bursts per millisecond of spark duration

SPDi produces high frequency continuous discharge

Spark Duration

10 to 60 degrees

SPDi has programmable duration (60 degrees is a practical limit for most applications but can be extended if required)

Spark Energy

Up to 300 mJ in the gap

SPDi has programmable energy

Spark Power

Up to 50 watts continuous

SPDi has programmable power

Primary Spark Voltage

Programmable 90 V to 180 V

SPDi minimizes primary voltage to reduce load on ignition components.

Secondary Spark Voltage (theoretical)

Up to 42 kV on a 235:1 turn ratio ignition coil

Few ignition coils can handle more than 40 kV on the secondary windings

Size (L x W x H)

3.5” x 3.2” x 1.1”





Operating Current

6A at 15,000rpm

SPDi instantaneous currents can exceed 20A for 100 µs

Battery Voltage


As an option, SPDi can be programmed to operate at 6V.

Tach Output


SPDi aux output can be programmed to provide a tach signal.

ECU - Ignition Feedback


SPDi aux output can be programmed to provide an ignition feedback signal required by some ECUs (example Toyota/Lotus 2ZZ engine)

Temperature Range

-40C to +100C

SPDi has thermal protection circuitry to shutdown when internal temps exceed 100C.  SPDi will resume operation below 90C.



Automotive Grade

Ignition Coil

Honda Part #: 30700-KRN-671



  • SPDi Ignition Module
  • SPDi Connectors (5 Pin and 7 Pin)
  • Ignition Coil Connectors (2 pin)
  • Instructions

Not Included:

  • Engine Harness
  • Ignition Coils
  • Coil Adapters
  • SPDi Mounting Brackets
  • SPDi Manager Tuning Software and Programming Cable
  • Crimping Tools

Technical Drawings:

SPDi Module

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