SPDi Spark

Audi 2.0T Coil Adapter

The Coil Adapters Features:

  • Ability to secure SPDi Coils to your Audi 2.0T engine.
  • Work with SPDi Spark Ignition Coils (Denso Part Number: 129700-4770).

The Audi 2.0T Coil Adapter has been designed to secure the SPDi Ignition Coils to your 2.0T engine. This Coil Adapter works with the SPDi ignition coils, and are designed to fit all four ignition coils on the same coil plate.

There are currently no specifications available for this product.


  • Coil Adapter

Not Included:

  • Ignition Coil
  • Ignition Coil Extensions

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