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SPDI Spark products are designed, manufactured and distributed by Sphenic Technologies Inc. Sphenic was founded by Glen Clarke and Dr. Alex Plotnikov.

Dr. Alex Plotnikov began investigating ignition systems for small gasoline engines while working as a nuclear physicist in Russia during the 1980s.  Dr. Plotnikov was an automotive enthusiast and was always looking for ways to improve performance.  Dr. Plotnikov immigrated to Canada in 1998 where he continued to develop his combustion technology.

Glen Clarke used one of Dr. Plotnikov’s ignition systems to win the 2006 Targa Newfoundland tarmac rally.  Clarke realized the ignition system’s potential and implemented the system on Carleton University’s Formula SAE vehicle in the spring of 2007.  Carleton’s FSAE entry won the fuel economy award which provided further evidence of the technology’s potential.

In a follow up test, the ignition technology was installed on a modern sub compact vehicle and fuel economy testing was performed at Calabogie Motorsports Park.  The testing compared the new technology against the OEM ignition system and a leading aftermarket CDI ignition system.  The results showed conclusive evidence that Plotnikov’s technology achieved a signficant fuel efficiency improvement over the OEM and the aftermarket systems.

Clarke and Plotnikov formed a partnership to develop clean energy technology with the objective of:

  • Creating a marketable product that would provide a growing revenue stream; and
  • Developing ignition related combustion science such that the appropriate IP could be protected and potentially licensed

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