SPDi Spark

The SPDi Spark Starter Engine Kits includes the basic supplies required for those wishing to create their own SPDi Installation. These kit are ideal for budget minded enthusiasts who are willing to provide the supplies to build their own wiring harness, mounting brackets and coils. The Starter Engine Kits are available for 4, 6 and 8 Cylinder engines. 

Buying Help

Q. I am interested in a system but I am not sure what I need?
A. If this is your first time buying a SPDi system you should buy an ignition kit.

Q. What is included in an Engine Kit?
A. An ignition kit comes with everything you need to outfit your engine.

Q. What is the DIY Kit? And what does it include?
A. The DIY Engine Kits are available for those wishing to create their own custom SPDi installation. The Kit includes the SPDi Module, 5 and 7 pin connectors and coil connectors. Users provide their own harness coils and mounting brackets.