SPDi Spark

Our SPDi Manager Software is a  tool used to program and update the Firmware and Spark Profiles on your SPDi Ignition Module.

Program Tool

The purpose of the program tool is to allow users to install the most up-to-date firmware. The firmware can be considered as the operating system that the SPDi Module uses. Different programs become available in order to provide a smoother interface, remove bugs, and to accommodate different ECU signals.

Spark Designer

The purpose of the Spark Designer Tools is to allow users to upload and customize Spark Profiles. Spark Profiles can be tailored for various driving scenarios at user defined rpm break point by managing the Spark Energy and Duration. 

Buying Help

Q. I am interested in a system but I am not sure what I need?
A. If this is your first time buying a SPDi system you should buy an ignition kit.

Q. What is included in an Engine Kit?
A. An ignition kit comes with everything you need to outfit your engine.

Q. What is the DIY Kit? And what does it include?
A. The DIY Engine Kits are available for those wishing to create their own custom SPDi installation. The Kit includes the SPDi Module, 5 and 7 pin connectors and coil connectors. Users provide their own harness coils and mounting brackets.