SPDi Spark

SPDi Spark has special Engine Kits that are fitted for vehicles that contain a Mitsubishi 4B11T Engine. Some examples of vehicles that feature a 4B11T Engine are the Mitsubishi EVO X and Ralliart. Testing on a Mitsubishi Ralliart has shown significant improvements over the OEM. 

SPDi Spark showed an increased HP Gain of 21hp at 6000rpm and a Torque Gain of 16ft-lbs at 3500rpm. 

Written by Candace Lemon — November 22, 2012

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Some of the unique feautures of SPDi Spark include:

  • 4 Channel Module
  • Adjustable Spark Power (50mJ to 250mJ)
  • Adjustable Spark Duration (0 to 90 deg)
  • Spark Mapping to Load and RPM
  • Upgradable Firmware
  • E85 Applications


SPDi Spark provides some of the following benefits:

    Provides Crisp Throttle Response
  • Minimizes Misfire Under High Boost
  • Improves Cruise Fuel Economy
  • Lowers CO and Hydrocarbon Emissions
  • Reduces Plug Electrode Degradation
  • Supports Lean Burn